Remote Coaching

David works with powerlifters at all levels. Whether you are considering signing up for your first meet, or looking to challenge other lifters at Nationals, you will find the same drive and passion for your goals returned from David.

Two remote coaching options are offered: weekly coaching or unlimited coaching.

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What to expect

Individualized Programming

Everything about your training is planned specifically for you. Whether it is special exercises to target weaknesses or fix technique issues, no detail is forgotten.

Communication & Support

By using a combination of videos, messaging, or email, we ensure every lifter can understand exactly our goals and make effective adjustments

Detailed Video Analysis

Receive detailed feedback on your training videos. Video analysis ensures that you understand how you need to move efficiently and maximize strength.

client testimonials

David has significantly helped me improve my form on the big 3. He has an excellent way of explaining movement, adjustments and cues through video. Since starting with him, my lifts have steadily gotten stronger and I'm lifting in a much more sustainable way than I was. He communicates in a timely manner with valuable feedback.

Sarah Braman

In just over a year David has helped me increase all 3 of my lifts by close to 100lbs each, on top of that he has helped me grow as an athlete and improve my knowledge of the sport.

Ezra Newell

David is the most knowledgeable coach I've ever worked with. He is always putting time in to learn more and to figuring out the best path to your goals. The tools he uses to deliver your training are clean and clear, which helps you see the bigger picture as an athlete.

AJ Willingham

I started working with David three years ago. We communicate almost daily. Since then, I have hit numbers I never thought would be possible in my life. I have won very competitive local meets and currently hold the record for heaviest raw junior deadlift regardless of weight class in the state of Wisconsin.

Charlie Ziegler

David’s coaching philosophies regarding training and mentality enabled me to achieve a level of strength and reach goals that I never could have imagined. He instilled confidence in me as an athlete and communicated openly and effectively to make sure we were on the same page to help me reach my goals.

Katherine Ducotey

Coaching Plans

Prices are monthly in USD


$195 / mo

Perfect for: clients that prefer a bit more autonomy. The same attention to detail in programming and technique, just less frequently.

Individualized programming

Detailed video analysis

Weekly feedback

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