David Woolson


David has a unique coaching perspective as an accomplished national and international powerlifter.

David is also the former owner of Brazos Valley Barbell in College Station, Texas. Since selling his gym, David has committed full time to coaching lifters to be as competitive as they can be.

SBD Spotlight

"Getting yourself to commit to actually having that work ethic on something every single day, that's physically and emotionally demanding, those habits transfer other places in life. When you have other challenges you've already conditioned yourself to be able to overcome."

- David Woolson

David Woolson

THe Powerlifter

David has placed third at IPF Worlds, held American Records in the deadlift, competed at USAPL Raw Nationals from 2015-2022 and won USAPL Raw Nationals as a 93kg lifter.

  • IPF 7th World Classic Championships 2019
    3rd place | 93 kg
  • USAPL Raw Nationals 2018
    1st place | 93 kg
  • USAPL Raw Nationals 2021
    4th place | 105 kg
    USAPL Raw Nationals 2022
    2nd place | 110 kg

Personal Bests

325 kg

716.5 LB

200 KG

440.9 LB

375 KG

826.7 LB

900 KG

1984.2 LB
David Woolson

The Coach

David has coached many lifters to compete at the highest level, including medalling at USAPL Raw Nationals, IPF Worlds, and USPA Nationals.

client testimonials

David has significantly helped me improve my form on the big 3. He has an excellent way of explaining movement, adjustments and cues through video. Since starting with him, my lifts have steadily gotten stronger and I'm lifting in a much more sustainable way than I was. He communicates in a timely manner with valuable feedback.

Sarah Braman

In just over a year David has helped me increase all 3 of my lifts by close to 100lbs each, on top of that he has helped me grow as an athlete and improve my knowledge of the sport.

Ezra Newell

David is the most knowledgeable coach I've ever worked with. He is always putting time in to learn more and to figuring out the best path to your goals. The tools he uses to deliver your training are clean and clear, which helps you see the bigger picture as an athlete.

AJ Willingham

I started working with David three years ago. We communicate almost daily. Since then, I have hit numbers I never thought would be possible in my life. I have won very competitive local meets and currently hold the record for heaviest raw junior deadlift regardless of weight class in the state of Wisconsin.

Charlie Ziegler

David’s coaching philosophies regarding training and mentality enabled me to achieve a level of strength and reach goals that I never could have imagined. He instilled confidence in me as an athlete and communicated openly and effectively to make sure we were on the same page to help me reach my goals.

Katherine Ducotey